Accusation / molest

My life from the very childhood has been quite hard especially living with really strict parents that control you without any boundaries , and deny you of many things is not quite a unique story to tell.

But what happened yesterday was something that makes me want to tell someone about it. Even thought I do not want to take any action regarding .

I was in the city after meeting my girlfriend and spending the evening with her. It was almost 10:30 and I had to head home and I knew if I take the bus home I will be late for sure cause my home was around 25 km away . So I looked around for one of those sharing taxis that you could find . Because my mom only gave me around 20 dhs to eat and get back .which wouldn’t even last for a email nor a trip back in cab.  And I didn’t eat pretty much the whole day cause I was fasting . Me and my girlfriend had iftar which was on her so I had the 20 remaining luckily. I looked around for about fifteen minutes for a sharing taxi but unfortunately couldn’t even find one .

As time passed by I started getting more worried as I knew if I was late home my dad would put me through hell. Because he only needs a really small reason to throw a fight over me and hit me. Ps- I’m 19 and a guy. Ya that’s my dad . I wasn’t afraid of him but I didn’t want to cause problems at home because of me . I waited and waited walked around honestly was lost didn’t know what to do . Finally this guy pulls up in front of me and asks me where you going ? He was the sharing taxi guy so I rushed up to his window and I said I’m going to ____ and he said okay get in before the cops come . And I asked how much tho . He told me 20 and I agreed the right amount I had . I took a seat in the back cause there was already someone in the front . Then as soon as we took off he started complaining saying 20 wasn’t enough and he needed more because my house was a bit too far. And I said I usually pay 20 and it’s not that far . He argued and told me he needs 35 at least and I told him I don’t have . So he stopped the car in the next stop . And he started arguing saying he can’t take me . And I literally had no choice so I kept my seat in the car and told him to look into it it’s not that far that we can manage with 20 and I told him I have a few coins I could give you the whole bunch . He told me okay count up your coins and I did and there were like 4 dhs . He agreed to 24 and we kept going ok the way he stopped at two other stops and picked up two other people as well . Hence I was sandwiched between two people in this car and we are on our way. 
About 60% passed of the trip and I sat there waiting to get home knowing I’m going to be in huge amount of trouble cause it was already 20 minutes passed 11 and my dads going to throw a huge Rucuss at home . I literally didn’t know what to do and all I thought of was what’s going to happen today . While I was thinking the behind me put his arm around the seat rest behind me and was talking to his friend that he met who was sitting on the right side of me . They were talking in Bengali I suppose . And they were discussing something . About a few minutes later the guy on my right puts his hand over my lap and I’m just like whAt ? And I push his hand away . Then a few minutes later the guy on the left moved his hand from the head rest and on to my shoulder . And I shrugged and I pushed his hand off my shoulder . All this while the driver is watching this and talking to his co passenger in some other language too. About a minute later the driver asks me to pay up . And I asked him why even tho we weren’t ther . We were only half way there . I told him I’ll pay you when we get there . Then he’s like no pay me now .

I told him fine okay and I take out my wallet and give him all the money I literally had . And while I was about to sit the guy on my right forcefully tries to assist me putting back my wallet into my back pocket. And I pushed him away . This is when I was totally disgusted and uncomfortable and I wanted to leave the car . We were in the main road speeding at 120 I know I can’t jump off . About a few minutes passed and the guys hands were all over me one over my shoulder and one on my upper thigh , while they glance at each other and have they’re Bengali conversation this is where they’re hands were . 
The hands were starting to move slowly and I pushed it away all the hands and I asked him what he was doing and what’s his problem he said nothing and the driver was like what’s wrong I said they’re touching me and he’s like no your just thinking that . They’re your brothers nothing to worry . And then I was really mad at this driver I didn’t know what to do with these peopl and the guy said brother and the two guys beside me start being even more touchy touchy. I knew they had more man power over me and if I reach over to my phone and this cramped up place would be a bad idea . Even thought I don’t have credit I could call the cops but if they take me somewhere and I have space to run and call the cops would be smarter than them finding my phone now and taking it away if they were up for something .

I had enough about five minutes in and I told him to stop because we were two km away from my house I told him stop this is my house and the driver was like no I’ll drop you home and I told him no stop here 

While getting out these men completely touched me and I pushed one of them away and then the two of them got out of the car as soon as they did . I took a run towards the opposite direction . Luckily they didn’t go for the chase . I ran and ran . I didn’t have time to look at the number plate . And I was confused which model of car it was because I didn’t pay attention because all I was thinking of was getting home on time .

I ran and got home 

Luckily nothing happened

I texted my girlfriend and told her everything she was shocked. I usually don’t tell my parents about what happens to me but I took a chance this time and told them about it my dad got really mad he started accusing me for it and told me are you stupid to not call the cops ? Did I raise you up for this ? And told me that I was a complete nuisance to him and a pain in the ass . He told me he hopes that I go away from his life as soon as possible because of the trouble I give him. My mom in the beginning was shocked but then later started blaming me as well and told that I should have called the cops and it’s due to my behavior and started bringing up old house problems and issues and blaming it on my personality . I really don’t know what to think of anymore . I’m lost . 

I don’t want to put the culprits out. But I expected my family to atlesstbe there for me and take care of me
Hence I’m hopping to leave home and try saving up to accomplish my dream in being a pilot and live somewhere away with people who love me and would show some care towards me and have some humanity .
I don’t think anyone would read this because I don’t have any followers barely one .

 And I hope some day someone would

And if you took your time to read this and would donate some money in working towards my dream in being a pilot .it would help me leave my home and start off somewhere else . Fund me

Thank you


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